A brief overview of my work

I’m currently working on a comic about outer space and the pericardium which is the sac that surrounds, holds and protects your heart.

Your Beautiful Tendrils 2: Coming Home

Premiered at Short Run in 2023, a sequel to YBT, further reckoning with surviving a world that can be so rough and a sweet and silly meandering pathway towards finding expression and love in spite of this.

Your Beautiful Tendrils

A sweet, tender and funny narrative about helping out a friend, healing, protecting and restoring connection to the world and joy. Shop link!

Horkin & Henry: The Death Of A Universe

A Sequel to Horkin & Henry exploring the death (and birth) of a universe. The feeling of surviving and weathering being alive while a whole universe collapses into chaos around you. Finding perseverance, hope and ultimately community and support (the first few pages can be read here). Shop Link!


A spell perhaps to let go of the everyday crippling fear of the world and find a safe lovely place deep inside of yourself deep underground under the roots of a big old tree (it can be read here). It can be bought here.


Horkin & Henry

First book I ever made! An adventure comic about finding a home in the world, exploring various dimensions of the multiverse with levity and depth. Making new friends and having magical experiences. (Part 1 through Part 5 can be read here). Shop link!

What this guy looks like tabling:

(Short Run 2019)