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I made a store so you can buy a copy of Horkin & Henry!

The book is all the Horkin & Henry comics that are on this site (part 1 through 5) and is pretty cool to read all at once in a book like that. It’s 32 pages total and feels nice in your hands. I hand-cut and sewed and printed it and stuff and I think it turned out PRETTY GOOD. Woo woo try it out!


I took this picture on my bed.

P.S. If you happen to live in Portland, Oregon you should just email me or comment instead and I’ll tell you a cooler way to get it šŸ˜‰


  1. Hey cartoon man, I might live in Portland soon and want to purchase one of your cool hand sewed comics. You’re rad. Let’s chat.

  2. Your store seems to be down. My Sweetie is a huge fan of your work and Iā€™d love to surprise him with something great! How can we get in touch?

    1. It’s back up! Sorry about that. Also unfortunately I am currently sold out of my newest comic and won’t have more printed until probably the end of the month.

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